Restorations Stream New Single, “Tiny Prayers”

If “Separate Songs” didn’t convince you that Restorations’ LP3 will be an album to remember, then “Tiny Prayers” is officially here to get the job done.

Just as the band described in their single premiere and interview with Noisey earlier today, this new single appears to be a progression of the same punk/rock and roll sound that they’ve built their name off of. Or in the words of vocalist/guitarist Jon Loundon, the track is “Restorations on auto-pilot.” You don’t even need to dig into the instrumentals to hear it; from the gravelly tone of the verses, to the loud and proud howls of the song’s bridge, the declaration couldn’t be more clear that the Philly quintet have not forgotten where they’ve come from.

The track can be heard following the jump. If you like what you hear, there’s still plenty of time left to pre-order the record prior to its October 28 release date through S1D’s webstore. We totally recommend not skimping out on the limited edition coffee bundle that includes a mug and a bag of band-exclusive coffee beans.

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