New Drake Track “How About Now” Hits The Net

Drizzy Drake is either trying a strange new form of viral promotion or he really needs to get a handle on who has control of his unreleased music because a new song hit the web without warning today and it’s quickly taking the net by storm.

“How About Now” found its way online shortly after noon on Sunday, October 19. The track was originally posted on Soundcloud by a 19-year-old fan from Georgia that has yet to reveal how they came to have the track in their possession. The song has since been removed from that page, but it lives on through a number of streaming services and music blogs. We’re not sure if the song will be part of Drake’s 2015 album Views From The 6, but it’s certainly a welcome addition to an otherwise slow weekend. You can stream and download the track below:

There are rumors that the voicemail you hear at the beginning of this track is from Nicki Minaj, but with each additional spin I’m finding that harder and harder to believe. Drake has never been shy about sharing the way other people see him, but there is no public knowledge of a beef between him and anyone in Young Money, let alone the lovely Ms. Minaj.

Drake has yet to comment on the leak of “How About Now,” but we assume some kind of statement will be made in the days ahead. For now, comment below and let us know your thoughts on the track.

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2 Responses to “New Drake Track “How About Now” Hits The Net”

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