UTG PREMIERE: Swingin’ Utters – “I’m Not Coming Home”

Today, the UTG offices are pleased to share with you a brand new track from Swingin’ Utters, titled “I’m Not Coming Home.” The track comes off of Swingin’ Utters’ upcoming album, Fistful of Hollow, and it’s every bit as fun as you’d expect. The song brings their definitive West Coast punk vibe right off the bat, and is the perfect soundtrack to driving to the beach, or just away from anywhere you don’t really feel like being.

We talked to guitarist Darius Koski about where the inspiration for the song came from, and how “I’m Not Coming Home” fits within the rest of the record. He went on to tell us that,
“The inspiration for this song comes from the Ramones, who I ripped off, entirely and probably pretty obviously. I basically wrote ‘Carbona not glue’, realized what I did, and just figured I might as well write a Ramones style song, just not completely rip them off like I did originally. I think it fits on the record just like everything we do somehow fits on each of our records, and that it’s of a different style than some of the other songs… Kind of, oh, I don’t know, like the Ramones?”

You can pick up Swingin Utters’ new record Fistful of Hollows off of Fat Wreck Chords’ website here, or while they’re on tour with Lagwagon in the upcoming months. We’ve included the tour dates for you after the break, just to make your life even easier.

Enough talk; click through the break to check out the brand new track from Swingin’ Utters, and let us know exactly what you think in the comments section.

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Tyler Osborne
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