Que Sera Release Free Cover Of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Today is Halloween, which means at some point in the coming hours you will peel off your work clothes and step into a costume that allows you to become whatever it is you have chosen to be this year. For some, that may be a zombie or a serial killer covered in fake blood. For others, a sexy Olaf costume may come in handy. Whatever the case may be for you, we must urge you to not leave your home without first adding Que Sera‘s new cover to your personal music collection.

Ever since it first hit radio in the 1980s, Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” has been a staple of weddings and Halloween parties everywhere. The song has everything you could ask for in a hit horror soundtrack, including creepy lyrics, a memorable hook, and a now iconic dance that looks freaking amazing when performed in unison with a large group. The only thing it really lacks is thunderous drums and live instrumentation, which Que Sera have added with their new cover of the classic track. You can stream and download their take on “Thriller,” for free, below:

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One Response to “Que Sera Release Free Cover Of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller””

  1. TylerIkari says:

    He really pumped up the vibrato on AutoTune for this one. Great cover though. I am actually really impressed.