Listen to A New Song By Farro, Josh Farro’s (Ex-Paramore) New Band

On the opposite spectrum of Paramore circa 2007’s sullen lyrical material is Farro, Josh Farro (formerly of Paramore)’s newly-founded twinkly indie-pop band. Josh and his brother, Zac, formed a band called Novel American not too long after their departure from Paramore. Last May, however, the band announced that they will no longer be making new material or touring.

Farro’s sound shares the characteristics of indie bands like Walk The MoonAmerican Authors and Nai Harvest. You can check out the colorful music video for their new song, “Color Rush,” below.

Dana Reandelar
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One Response to “Listen to A New Song By Farro, Josh Farro’s (Ex-Paramore) New Band”

  1. FansFrParamore says:

    This a photo of Zac, his brother, not Josh!!