iwrestledabearonce Join Artery Recordings, Tease New Album

The world has been a lot quieter than usual this year due to the lack of new material released by the chaotic and often very funny iwrestledabearonce. The group did not release any new material this year, and truth be told they also managed to stay largely out of the spotlight. That is no longer the case, however, as the group behind 2013’s Late For Nothing have finally revealed their plans for the future.

Breaking their silence over Facebook with a short update for fans, iwrestledabearonce have revealed that they are already hard at work on the next studio album. The group claims to have begun focusing on the project back in September, but were waiting to tell fans until they secured another big piece of news, which is the fact that their next album will also be their first as a member of the Artery Recordings family. The label has confirmed this information with the press directly, but a new video found on the company’s site explains everything in fifteen seconds. Check it out:

The original message from iwrestledabearonce reads:

“hi we’re making a new album which will be released thru artery recordings in 2015. cum cum heavy cum cum breakdowns cum cum blast beats cum cum brOOlalz cum cum



Every iwrestledabearonce album to date has appeared in at least one staffer’s ‘best of’ list. We’re hopeful the new record will be no exception, but like you we have no idea what to expect. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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