New ‘Ant-Man’ Banner Reveals Film’s Villain

A new banner for Marvel‘s second major release of 2015 has revealed the villain everyone has been waiting to see take flight.

Ant-Man currently has a November 2015 release date, but during the last week there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the film and when genre fans would first get a peak at Paul Rudd’s turn as Scott Lang. The trailer is said to be arriving ‘soon,’ but to hold us over Marvel has shared a new banner for the film that features a first look at the supervillain known as Yellowjacket. You can view the image below:


Corey Stoll, perhaps known best from his work on House Of Cards, will portray Yellowjacket. As ComingSoon points out, the comic origins of the Yellowjacket costume are a bit complicated. Yellowjacket was initially an alternate superhero identity for Hank Pym, the costume having made its first appearance in The Avengers #59. Because of the severe mental stress he was under, Yellowjacket actually manifested itself as the darker side of Pym, leading to the character’s infamous turn to spousal abuse. Later on, a criminal named Rita DeMara stole the suit and became at first a supervillain and, later on, a sort of antihero, eventually traveling to the 30th century and teaming up with a very different Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Pretty cool, right? We still don’t know when we will see footage of Yellowjacket in action, but I have a feeling we will see more Ant-Man goodies before the end of January 2015. Stay tuned.

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