Front Porch Step Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Label Responds

Editor’s note: Before we begin, I want to make it clear that this story is still very much developing. In the days and even weeks ahead some details may change, but at the time of posting everything in this article has been fact checked…twice.

Front Porch Step, otherwise known as singer-songwriter Jake McElfresh, has been accused by at least a half-dozen young people of sexually harassing them through text. The allegations range from sexually explicit messages and requests for nude photographs, to sending underage females naked pictures of himself. The accusations began surfacing on Tumblr early in December, but discussion really took off when, earlier this week, a brave young woman launched a Change.Org petition asking for Vans Warped Tour to consider removing Front Porch Step from their 2015 lineup. The petition has received more than 3,000 signatures in less than 48 hours and has even caught the attention of Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman.

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We’re not going to post links to the individual accusations being made, but suffice to say, a simple search on Google or Tumblr will provide a number of results. What we will post; however, is the messaging included in the petition. It reads:


“There have been multiple cases of Jake Mcelfresh talking to underage girls and sending them vulgar photos. He has been asked to stop by these girls every time and continues with the sexual statements and harassment. Being in his 20’s it is frankly disgusting that Jake is sending nudes and sexual statements to girls that are 13/14. There are screenshots of texts sent by him to one of these girls attached to this petition. We believe that Front Porch Step should not be allowed to play Vans Warped Tour and be given a national venue where he has access to the young girls who attend Warped Tour. We are asking Kevin Lyman and Vans Warped Tour to take Front Porch Step off the tour before something more than sending texts happens. Do not put your fans at risk, Kevin. Thank you all for signing.”

We have reached out to representatives for Front Porch Step, as well as his label (Pure Noise Records). We have also reached out to the press department at Warped Tour, but so far no one has returned our requests for comment.

Pure Noise Records did comment on Twitter this afternoon, but to be honest they kept things rather short and discreet:

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We expect this story to continue developing in the days ahead. Please follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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19 Responses to “Front Porch Step Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Label Responds”

  1. ASHATL says:

    I feel like, just because they have his name in their phone, doesn’t mean its him. There needs to be a lot more evidence before things get out of control. I feel like its a hoax or something because how fast his fame has been happening. But I dont know, so I cant really have an opinon.

  2. HaulixJames says:

    Hate to be ‘that guy,’ but as someone with FPS’ phone number I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is accurate.

  3. urdumb says:

    So there’s a nude of him online. Big whoop. That doesn’t mean it was sent to a 13 year old….

  4. urdumb says:

    This is totally true!!! Don’t you see the screenshots?? I have some of Kate Upton begging to lick my asshole, I’ve just been too scared to post them……there’s clearly no way that preteen girls could make up a story like this to get attention from their friends.

  5. urdumb says:

    So let me get this straight. You have his phone number, so you can magically tell that the blacked out number must be his???? Logic

  6. STUXNET says:

    Did you not hear what it says? We uploaded that picture. It was sent to a 13 year old younger sister of ours. The FBI has already received our report, and is involved in the investigation.

  7. urdumb says:

    Mhmmm. Well if its true then he will go down for it, since the FBI is involved and all…..

  8. HaulixJames says:

    Not all screenshots have the numbered blacked out.

  9. urdumb says:

    Well I hate to be that guy, but I have his number too. And it isn’t the one from any pics I’ve seen. See how easy that is.

  10. NewarkAnon says:

    This shouldn’t be shocking news for anyone from Newark. I know quite a few people personally that received unwanted nudes from him in the past, and that was all well before he was all tumblr famous.

  11. Destiny Lime says:

    I’m sorry but this all seems kinda false.
    This rumor has been going around for months, (heard about it in September) and if it was true, and actually under investigation (for all this time), i’m pretty sure he would be caught and pressed for charges by now.
    Just because his nude is out there, doesn’t necessarily mean he sent them to an under aged girl, (meaning maybe he sent it to someone who isn’t underaged, and they leaked it) and idk any of you enough to believe you say “yeah he sent it to me or someone I know under aged” because it’s the internet and every other person bullshits.
    And anyone can easily fake screen shot texts of conversation between him an an under aged girl, simply with photoshop and/or a friend willing to help out.
    And with the rumor of his own girl friend confirming all of this to be true, we don’t know who this girl actually is, and can literally be a pathological liar, or have a personality disorder, ar just be straight up angry/crazy for all we know. (if you actually think outside the box)
    But all i’m saying is if this were real, and if the cops and FBI are apparently investigating this, it would’ve been solved already, and he would’ve already gotten in trouble.
    Remember guys, you’re on social media, anyone can lie and make up a story about anything.
    Don’t automatically believe it with unproved/unofficial “evidence”.

  12. K. Bennett says:

    I really hate to be that guy… really… but seriously everyone… Kevin Lyman still uses AOL email?!

  13. Jason Yelle says:

    Oh shut up.

  14. JB says:

    No that really is his goddamn number. I had to double check to be sure. Holy shit, blows my mind.. I went to high school with him and was proud of his success. Everybody called him Beans haha. No one would have ever expected this. I choose to remain anonymous though…

  15. HaulixJames says:

    We aren’t claiming he is guilty or innocent. Just presenting the facts.

  16. Eric says:

    Sad thing is, this guy and his band are more famous than they’ve ever been BECAUSE of this scandal. Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  17. Kriston McConnell says:

    That may be true, but who would book them on a tour now? If it turns out he knowingly did all of these things and he’s charged as a sex offender he will have to quit.

  18. STUXNET says:

    Oh… Hmm… How about that? He was removed from his record label…

    Do you think a record label drops an artist they’ve dumped money into and have a legally binding contract with….without proof? It’s almost as if what I’ve been saying is true!