Maroon 5 Crash Multiple Weddings For “Sugar” Music Video

What would you do if Adam Levine and his band crashed your wedding to perform for a new music video? Scream in ecstasy like the guests who went through just that, I suppose. In the most pleasant of surprises, alt-rock outfit Maroon 5 took a trip around Los Angeles and stopped at every wedding they could find around the area to film a music video for their song “Sugar,” which is taken off of the band’s most recent album, V. The idea was taken from Wedding Crashers, and the music video was appropriately created with the film’s director, David Dobkin.

Dobkin shares: “Adam and I are old friends and have been talking about doing something together for over a decade…. Plus, it’s very meaningful because the band was in New York 10 years ago and attended the original ‘Wedding Crashers’ premiere.”

Check out the genuine, magical moments that the surprise created in the music video for “Sugar” below.

Dana Reandelar
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  1. Brian Lion says:

    “Allow us to barge in on the most important day of your lives so we can continue to make more money than you.”