Jamie Hewlett Confirms New Gorillaz Music Is on the Way

The fate of Gorillaz has been uncertain for quite some time. Co-creators Dan Albarn and Jamie Hewlett had a very public falling out a few years back, only to reconcile a month later. Then, as rumors of new music began hitting the web this past October, the duo was fairly vague as to the virtual band’s future.

Now, after a weekend dominated by dancing sharks and last-minute interceptions, it seems we finally have confirmation that new Gorillaz tunes are on the way.

This past Friday, Hewlett shared new artwork of the outfit’s fictional members Murdoc and Noodle on Instagram. As reported by REVOLT, these posts prompted one fan to ask if the band would be returning, to which Hewlett responded, “Yes Gorillaz Returns.”

Though it’s still unclear just what Albarn and Hewlett have up their sleeves, whatever it is, is a long time coming. The last Gorillaz album, The Fall, dropped back in 2011, and was praised for its experimental nature and avante-garde approach. Get acquainted here, and let us know if you’re stoked for the group’s return in the replies.

Kyle Florence
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