Hear Dave DK’s Excellent New Electronic Single “Halma”

Kompakt electronic musician Dave DK is back. The German DJ and producer has announced a follow-up to 2007’s Moodmusic. The album, titled Val Maira, drops April 27. In anticipation of its release, he’s shared lead single “Halma,” and it’s an excellent journey through house music and dodgy layering.

“Halma” sees Dave DK coming back headstrong. The six-minute track kicks off with street chatter before diving straight into The Field territory. Muted synths loop over sharp drumming, the sound of a trance setting in, making themselves a welcome background noise to the ring of bells and hand claps that follow. Not long after, Dave DK guides us through a personal expressiveness that builds to be more than the sum of its parts. With ambient and coy techno, Dave DK turns “Halma” into a driven lead single that not only bodes well for the rest of Val Maira, but for this year’s house output, too.

Give it a listen below:

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