UTG PHOTOS: Echosmith at The Shelter in Detroit, MI (3/7/15)

Under The Gun’s Head of Photography, Corbin Alvae, stopped by The Shelter in Detroit on March 7 to experience Echosmith.

I’m back at it again with another brand new photo set for you all. I made my way over to one of my other favorite hometown venues, called The Shelter, to catch the very talented Echosmith. Going into this event was absolutely perfect, ’cause it’s starting to get warm here finally and that puts me in the best mood ever. After hearing the group’s single all over the radio every day, I knew in my head that this show was going to be absolutely amazing.

Echosmith opened up their set with “Ran Off in the Night” and as soon as each member walked on stage and the crowd began to go crazy, I knew I was in for a great night. The band continued throughout their set playing tracks off of their debut, Talking Dreams, and even threw in some covers with Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” and Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place.” Closing out their set with their hit single “Cool Kids” and listening to everyone sing along was something fantastic to witness. The band then put on an encore with their track “Nothing’s Wrong” during which balloons filled with confetti were tossed into the crowd, popped, and exploded with confetti everywhere.

Overall, Echosmith is a band that puts on one solid performance from start to finish. After the show was even more special seeing fans wait and wait for hours for the band to come down to meet them. Just seeing how dedicated their fan base is and how down to Earth the whole band is really shows that bands like Echosmith are here to stay and keep pushing forward to give each and every music-goer something to remember.

Corbin Alvae
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