Latest ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Almost Shows Too Much

By now you have no doubt heard of Tomorrowland, the mysterious new adventure film from Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird that is based on the famous and somewhat futuristic part of Disneyland. You may have even seen one of the film’s initial trailers or television ads, which teased a young woman finding a strange token that transported her to a far away land. If you have encountered any of that marketing and fallen in love with the idea of seeing this film, let me take this opportunity and say the trailer included in this post may be a bit too spoiler-filled for you to enjoy. This is a movie built around mystery, and if you want to keep as many secrets undisclosed as possible, watching this trailer is a risky affair. Consider yourself warned.

For Tomorrowland‘s third full trailer, Disney has decided to focus their marketing efforts on one key sequence that is filled with eye-popping action and head-scratching mysteries. It’s a scene we believe comes early in the film, and it’s one you have previously seen featured in other trailers. That said, when presented here viewers are able to understand more of what is happening, why it is happening, and just how crazy the sci-fi goodness this little film has in store. You can view the footage below.

Tomorrowland opens nationwide May 22. It’s one of about 30 big budget adventures opening this summer, but only one of very few titles that are not sequels or reboots. Please, please, please make it a point to support this original idea. If it succeeds, maybe more original films will follow. It’s not likely, but if Walt Disney taught us anything it is that it is always okay to dream.

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