Theory Of A Deadman Go Acoustic, Butcher Tove Lo’s “Habits”

Modern rock greats Theory Of A Deadman have built their career on brutally honest lyricism and catchy, damn near impossible to ignore rock melodies. Their albums are littered with tales of love and heartache, as well as the substance abuse that often follows, so it kind of makes sense that the group would attempt to cover Swedish singer Tove Lo‘s chart-topping hit about those very same topics, right?

Recently, Theory Of A Deadman attempted to satiate fans’ demand for new material by announcing the release an acoustic EP, Angel, set to hit stores on April 28 through Roadrunner Records. The release is largely comprised of stripped-down versions of TOAD songs fans know and love, but the album also contains an acoustic cover of Tove Lo’s hit song “Habits (Stay High),” which I don’t think anyone could have anticipated. The band made the cover available for stream today, so click below and see if you think TOAD were smart to tackle this track.

Anyone familiar with UTG knows we have long supported the work of TOAD, but even I cannot stand by and act like this cover is worthy of praise. There is not a second in this entire cover that offers any semblance of the infectious fun found in the original, and vocalist Tyler Connolly struggles throughout to try and prove otherwise. Comment below and let me know if you agree.

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