Set It Off Remove Bassist Austin Kerr Following Allegations Of Misconduct

Another week, another digital allegation made against a promising musician with a legion of underage fans.

Yesterday, May 19, a blog post written by a young woman on Tumblr began circulating online. In it, the self-professed longtime Set It Off fan described multiple instances where bassist Austin Kerr made her, as well as her friends, feel uncomfortable. The reasons for their discomfort were numerous, ranging from suggestive conversations and texts, to physical actions, and to her credit the author of the post did provide some screenshots as ‘proof’ the alleged incidents happen.

This morning, Set It Off turned to their official Facebook to handle the situation before any further allegations or rumors could spread. The group did not mention the post specifically, but instead cited rumors that had been brought to their attention, which led them to part ways with Kerr. Their statement reads:

Recently we have been made aware of the statements made about our bassist, Austin Kerr. We are taking the situation seriously and have decided that the best thing for the band is to part ways with Austin. We send our deepest apologies to anyone who has ever been affected negatively by his actions. Our fans mean the absolute world to us and their safety and happiness will always be our top priority. We are so grateful for their ongoing support over the years and will do everything we can to make this up to them and to move forward from this.

As far as we know, Kerr has yet to issue a statement of his own.

We have chosen not to post the blog that started this controversy, but only because the allegations made, while disgusting, have not been irrefutably proven. We are all for seeing wrongdoers brought to justice, but there is a difference between following proper procedure to make sure an individual never harms or offends anyone else and starting a digital firestorm around alleged actions that essentially serves as viral character assassination. If charges are brought, or if further evidence of wrongdoing appears online, then we will share more details.

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