Young Thug Drops “Destroyed” Featuring Birdman, Kevin Gates

Young Thug has been on new music spree since the release of Barter 6 back in April, and today he continues that trend by sharing a song about relationships called “Destroyed.”

Joined by Birdman and Kevin Gates, with just a little help from MPA Duke, Young Thug uses “Detroyed” to vent about relationship turned sour and the lasting impact that falling out had on Thugga Thugga’s heart. If that sounds a bit more emotionally involved for your typical star-studded rap collaborations that is because that is exactly what Young Thug wanted to accomplish with this track. Too many rappers believe the only worthwhile way to work together is if you’re celebrating your lavish lifestyle and/or further perpetuating one another’s public personas, but here Young Thug proves hip-hop’s elite can also collaborate on more meaningful material. You can stream the song, in full, below.

It’s hard to believe “Destroyed” marks the first time Young Thug and Kevin Gates have worked together. Let’s hope it’s not the last.

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One Response to “Young Thug Drops “Destroyed” Featuring Birdman, Kevin Gates”

  1. K. Bennett says:

    Love me some Kevin Gates… that being said… he is the only part of this I enjoyed. Just don’t understand all the Young Thug craziness.