New Music: Eminem – “Phenomenal”

Today is a good day. Why? It’s simple: Eminem‘s contribution to the Southpaw soundtrack, “Phenomenal,” is finally here.

Having been teased through a series of short clips that found their way online earlier in the year, “Phenomenal” is the latest in a string of single releases from the Detroit native that have come from places other than a new LP. There is a bit of sadness in that fact, as it has been nearly two years since Em’s last studio album, but thankfully “Phenomenal” is a track that earns its promising title.

Both inspiring and typically dark, “Phenomenal” is the kind of Eminem song you wish every song from Slim Shady would be. It’s built on his own experience, the hard times and the strength he found to overcome them, but it’s told in a way that makes every minute detail of his existence feel like something you too have gone through, regardless of whether or not that is true. You can stream the track below.

Southpaw, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, is set for release in late July. We’ve included the trailer in this post because it looks just as good as “Phenomenal” sounds. The world can always use more boxing movies, after all, and this one seems to get the intensity of putting one’s life on the line to make a better life for those around them just right.

As for Eminem, we have no idea what he has in store for fans in the future, but we have to hope news regarding a new full-length is not far away. Stay tuned.



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