Sechion Might Be Your New Favorite Rapper

Anyone who has followed UTG for more than a few years knows our roots lie in the Midwest. The first few years this site existed, our staff, while not neighbors in any way, all resided in the middle of America. We have since grown and spread out, with regular contributors located all over the world, but our passion for promoting promising regional talent is as strong as ever.

Boston is rarely the first city that comes to mind when discussing hip-hop, and the nearby city of Lowell is even farther down that list, but a rapper by the name of Sechion is looking to change all that with tight flows and unique wordplay that has our entire staff head over heels for his sound. His latest single, “Mill City,” evokes a feeling that brings to mind early Drake or Kanye, but with lyrical content undeniably rooted in the daily experiences of those living life in New England. It’s catchy, yet gritty, and it’s got us chomping at the bit for more material. You can discover the song below.

If you head over to Soundcloud you’ll discover Sechion actually has quite a bit of material available now, and a lot of it has been made available for free download, but I’m of the belief that “Mill City” is on another level. It’s the kind of track that showcases where Sechion may be headed in the future, and right now it seems like nothing can stop this young man from quickly taking the rap world by storm. Comment below and let me know if you agree.

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One Response to “Sechion Might Be Your New Favorite Rapper”

  1. Paul Bernard Huckfeldt says:

    Not easy to carve out new ground in Hip Hop and yet somehow Sechion manages to harness the natural confidence of Rakim, the original purity of KRS-One, the clever universality of Kendrick Lamar, the funk/jazz DNA and underrated vocal chops of Ceelo Green and the Dungeon Family, and the raw creativity of MF Doom and then filters it all through a million dollar smile letting everybody know that in spite of the dual reality of “these God.. Damn… Bills!!!” it is all good in Mill City.