The Dear Hunter’s New Song Proves They’re Still The Best

It’s June, which means anyone with even the slightest hint of interest in entertainment has been compiling and sharing their ‘best of 2015 so far’ lists. We haven’t released any yet, but if you think we haven’t talked about doing so you would be a damn fool. They’re coming, or at least should, at some point in the near future.

I thought I knew my picks for the best musical offerings this year. In fact, I wrote them all down just last week in order to begin brainstorming a creative way to share them here on UTG. That was before yesterday, however, and now my world has been flipped upside down because The Dear Hunter just knocked every single contender down a peg by releasing an incredible 9-minute single you have to hear to believe.

“A Night On The Town” is the first song to surface from The Dear Hunter’s upcoming Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise, which is scheduled for release in early September. The epic track boasts a number of intense and intoxicating moments, swaying from orchestral rock so big it sounds as if it could pack a hundred stadiums, to something so small and subtle that those not paying complete attention throughout may miss their beauty, and back again without a moment of disappointment. TDH have made it their mission to continually push the envelope for modern alternative music, both to challenge themselves, as well as their peers, and they have certainly accomplished that goal with this release. You can stream “A Night On The Town” at the end of this post.

I shouldn’t have to use phrases like ‘if’ when discussing how one feels about anything The Dear Hunter creates, but if you like what you hear below I want to urge you to pre-order Act IV as soon as you are able. This will no doubt be the biggest and most complex record TDH have released to date, and the only way to ensure they’re able to continue knocking us on our asses with creative and innovative rock is to go out and actually purchase the art they release. Please don’t let us down.

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  1. Wile E. Coli says:

    Still the best!