Lil Wayne Drops Free New Album On Tidal

Lil Wayne and his Tidal-using fans got to spend their Fourth Of July weekend jamming to fifteen new tracks.

The New Orleans hip-hop recording artist released the much anticipated/now-shortened FWA–also formerly known as the Free Weezy Album–this past Saturday for free on Jay-Z (and company)’s brand new music streaming platform, Tidal. FWA is, as one can observe, one of the many streaming service-exclusive efforts that will continue to roll out.

FWA follows Lil Wayne’s fallout with Cash Money Records and his latest I Am Not A Human Being II from 2013, and it features Jeezy, Cory Gunz, Euro, and Wiz Khalifa among others. Its album artwork and track list can be found below. You can stream it over at Tidal now.

free weezy

FWA track list:
01 “Glory” (Prod. Onhel, Avenue & Infamous)
02 “He’s Dead” (Prod. Kane Beatz & T.O.D.A.Y. For The Building Productions)
03 “I Feel Good” (Prod. Infamous & T@)
04 “My Heart Races On” (Feat. Jake Troth) (Prod. Jake Troth)
05 “London Roads” (Prod. London)
06 “I’m That Nigga” (Feat. Hoodybaby) (Prod. Onhel)
07 “Psycho” (Feat. Leah Hayes) (Prod. Infamous)
08 “Murda” (Feat. Capo, Cory Gunz & Junior Reid) (Prod. Reefa Beats)
09 “Thinking Bout You” (Prod. T@ & Infamous)
10 “Without You” (Feat. Bibi Bourelly) (Prod. Nascent & Sakwe)
11 “Post Bail Ballin” (Prod. Develop)
12 “Pull Up” (Feat. Euro) (Prod. Twice As Nice Productions)
13 “Living Right” (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) (Prod. T@ & Infamous)
14 “White Girl” (Feat. Jeezy) (Prod. Infamous)
15 “Pick Up Your Heart” (Prod. Cool & Dre)

Dana Reandelar
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