Back And Forth Release New Song “The Poor Souls,” Donations To Benefit Injured Crosscheck Drummer

New Jersey hardcore favorites Back And Forth have posted a previously-unreleased song called “The Poor Souls” along with a music video. You can watch the video below and download the track via Bandcamp here. The song comes from the band’s lost Setting Sail EP, which was recorded last year.

All Bandcamp donations from the song will benefit Tom Alderson, the drummer of Crosscheck who was severely injured in an altercation following a This Is Hardcore Fest after-show. If you’d like to learn more about Alderson’s current, unfortunate status and directly donate to help reduce his growing medical bills, check out this GoFundMe page. A statement from Back And Forth vocalist Matty Carlock can be read below.

If you watch the video and enjoy the song, make sure to give a few dollars toward Alderson’s fund by donating at Bandcamp.

When I was informed, it took a while for it to sink in. These actions were demonstrated by those who claim to be “men.” The ones who put themselves in the position to run the flag across the world with open arms, the ones who had our youth looking up to them in search of a greater example rather the shitty cards they were inevitably dealt in their personal life. This is straight up cowardly animal behavior that has absolutely no role in any part of life, none the less a positive community such as hardcore. I tried to keep quiet and hope the best for Toms recovery for I felt it wasn’t my place to chime in. I found it impossible after a week. This is a crisis in the hardcore community and it has truly moved me. I’m not going to sit here and waste any more time on the Internet, I’d rather use the music as a tool for communication, and positive change, if possible. At the lowest point in my entire life I wrote a song called “The Poor Souls”. To me, it meant bouncing back after betrayal, loss, abandonment, and absolutely any other negative situation that’ll try the every day soul. But most of all, joining hands and uniting as one and demanding change. Here is The Poor Souls, with a music video made a few months ago that we never released. It is up for sale plus donation and 100% of it will be donated to Toms go fund me. Here’s to Tom’s family and friends being so strong in such a dark time, and most importantly a speedy recovery to a handsome cat who belongs behind the kit.

Like Pat Flynn said – ” Let our voices form the weapons. “

John Bazley
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