Love Film? Join The UTG Movie Club And Make A Difference!

As many of you know, UTG recently launched a Patreon page to help fund the future of our site. We are very appreciative of the contributions that have been submitted so far, but there is still a need for additional funds that we hope, in time, you will help us alleviate.

One of the cool aspects of Patreon is that it allows us to turn various donation rewards into makeshift clubs for the more dedicated UTG readers. If you look now, there are four clubs that can be joined, including the Stonecutters Club, the Kitty Kat Club, and our personal favorite, the UTG Movie Club. This post is about the latter, which we feel will prove to be one of the best community building projects we have ever undertaken.

The UTG Movie Club is an ultra-exclusive members only program created for Patreon backers who contribute at least $15 a month to the continued existence of Under The Gun Review. There are only 20 memberships available, and as of this posting a few have already been claimed.

Members of the UTG Movie Club will receive 6 new Blu-rays (or DVDs, depending on availability) a year—one every other month—along with a handwritten recommendation from a member of the UTG staff. Additionally, members are given access to an exclusive Movie Club podcast, as well as a forum where discussions around the film will take place. There will also be additional freebies, including stickers and buttons, which are distributed to members over time.

We have been promoting and discussing film for at least four years now, and each year the response from our audience continues to grow. The demand for film coverage is louder than ever, and we feel the launch of the UTG Movie Club gives the biggest cinephiles a chance to really dig deep with the UTG crew. We will be promoting and discussing the films old and new in this group, and we sincerely hope you will join us.

For more information on the UTG Movie Club, as well as information on the other reward levels currently available through the UTG Patreon page, click here. The first film is not being shipped until late September, so there is still time to join before the first title is announced.

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