UTG PREMIERE: All Walls – “New Vibration” (Music Video)

Many of our younger readers will be returning to school this week, which pretty much means that summer is officially coming to an end. That sucks, and there is no way getting around that fact, but as long as we have catchy music to enjoy the feeling of joy that summer brings can last well into the winter months.

Enter All Walls. Hailing from Los Angeles, this fast-rising indie-pop group is currently creating some of the catchiest music available on the planet. They are partnering with us today to share the world premiere of their video for “New Vibration,” which plays like the love theme for an as-of-yet unreleased Wes Anderson film. You can view the video at the end of this post.

When asked to comment on the video for “New Vibration,” All Walls member Keith Waggoner offered the following:

“The song is a call to summer and that’s definitely something we wanted the video to reflect. We had just finished shooting the video for ‘The Spider,’ which was pretty dark and dramatic. Everything was very calculated. For ‘New Vibration,’ we wanted something at the opposite end of the spectrum. Something spontaneous and a little ridiculous. There was no script. Just a loose plan, a couple of strangers and a camera.”

All Walls have been very busy in 2015 and we expect them to continue hustling well into the new year. If you enjoy what you hear and see in this post, please head over to Facebook and give the band the ‘Like’ you know they deserve.

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