Father Mountain Sign To Antique Records, Announce ‘On Left & Being Left Behind’

Owensboro, Kentucky indie-rock outfit Father Mountain have just joined the Antique Records family.

The five-piece, largely reminiscent of Weatherbox or a slightly heavier Lydia, is scheduled to release their label debut On Left & On Being Left Behind on September 25.

The nine-track EP, whose album artwork and track listing can all be found below, will be available in a limited edition cassette format, as well as a digital format.

You can stream a new song, entitled “Bones,” below as well.

Track Listing:
1. On Leaving
2. Bones
3. Hope
4. Borrowed Sleep
5. Ladybird
6. Abuse
7. Jermais Vu
8. Failures
9. Bones (Acoustic)

Dana Reandelar
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