Tonight Is Not The Final Fireworks Show

Tonight, after nearly a decade spent touring the world, Michigan pop rock outfit Fireworks are performing what will be their last show for the foreseeable future. This is not the same thing as their final show, and we felt it was important to remind you of the difference.

2015 has been a big year for the alternative scene. Between controversies, big singles, and bands falling apart it can be very hard to keep every band’s current plans straight in your head. When Fireworks announced this current tour would be their last before taking a well-deserved break, the defenders of pop punk began to protest. Though the mitten state band has never been the scene’s biggest group, the dedication their fans have shown their music is second to none in the entire industry. If you love one Fireworks song, you love them all. In fact, you more than love them, you cherish them. Each record is a glimpse into the lives of six individuals doing everything in their power to see their dreams come true, and the thought that saga may now come to a close – at least for a short period – is utterly heartbreaking.

Still, it’s important for fans to remember that the men of Fireworks are people like me and you. They have spent the better part of a decade touring the globe, which is nearly a decade spent away from family and friends. They may have seen the world and made a billion memories they will each cherish forever, but that doesn’t replace the longing they feel for those they love. They too want to get married, have families, and pursue other creative endeavors. After several albums and countless shows I believe they have more than earned the right to seek those things, and I personally want to wish them the best in all future endeavors.

Whenever you’re ready to return we’ll be waiting for you, Fireworks. Thanks for everything.

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One Response to “Tonight Is Not The Final Fireworks Show”

  1. DefundPorkPap says:

    As my favorite band on the planet, I wish them the best on their break. It’ll be a shame not seeing any more releases, but every member is just as human as their fans are. like James said, they need time with their family and friends just as much as we do. If they wish to come back to music after it’s all said and done, awesome. If not, they were amazing when they were playing. I was lucky enough to see them play the Masquerade in April and it’ll probably be my favorite show ever for a very long time. Wish em the best, hope they’re all doing awesome, and fondly remember their music.

    Now to start getting their vinyls before they jump in price.