The Weekend Classic Stream “Shattered Glass”

Indiana pop-punk favorites The Weekend Classic are continuing to carve a path all their own with the release of a new single titled “Shattered Glass.”

The first song to surface from the group since their early 2014 split with Before The Streetlights, “Shattered Glass” is an aggressive ode to coping with heartache. There are bruised egos and broken promises everywhere you look, but the band will power on, using their experiences as fuel for creativity. They’re done wasting time feeling sorry for themselves. They’re done trying to hold back the words they need to say. This is their battle cry to let the world know they’re not letting anything get them down, and it won’t be long before many people are singing along.

I have a feeling The Weekend Classic are gearing up to release even more material this fall, but right now “Shattered Glass” has given us more than enough reason to put the band’s entire discography on repeat. You can stream the single below. Afterwards, comment and let us know your thoughts on how the group’s sound has developed since their last release.

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