Hoodie Allen Tells Us To “Let It All Work Out” On New Song

Self-made underground rap superstar Hoodie Allen has blessed the universe with a new track you won’t soon forget. As if that weren’t exciting enough, he’s also made the song available for free download.

“Let It All Work Out” is quite possibly one of the best songs Hoodie Allen has ever released, and believe me when I say I understand the weight such a statement carries. The song is a giant leap or six from what was found on Hoodie’s 2014 effort, People Keep Talking, with lush production backing Allen as he raps about everything from women to struggles. Like most of the rapper’s material, even the darkest moments carry a silver lining, and in the end it’s the hopefulness nestled at the heart of “Let It All Work Out” that makes the song truly special. You can stream the track below.

There is a spoken word outro/gag at the very end of “Let It All Work Out” that finds Hoodie saying something along the lines of “Okay, next song” just before the track comes to a close. Could this be a sign that more new material is right around the corner? Perhaps even a full mixtape/album? I honestly don’t know, but I am hopeful that is the case. Stay tuned.

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