Sorority Noise Share ‘Rick And Morty’ Cover Song

We don’t talk about television much on UTG, but I can safely speak for everyone on staff when I say we absolutely adore Rick And Morty. The show, which airs Sunday nights on Adult Swim, follows a young boy (Morty) as he journeys with his scientist grandfather (Rick) through space and time on random adventures. It’s a pretty basic premise that allows for an incredibly diverse selection of narrative paths, and with two seasons now complete the show has yet to lose an ounce of its fun or originality.

Today, October 6, the members of Sorority Noise surprised the world by sharing a cover of a Rick And Morty song titled “Tiny Rick.” The track first appeared in an episode where Rick appeared to have switched his body with a younger model of himself so that he could attend school alongside Morty. It’s a heady concept that provided bountiful laughs, but as the story switched from its second to third act it became clear something about ‘Tiny Rick’ was off. This is when he sang his song, and now the men of Sorority Noise have made it their own. You can stream their cover–as well as two clips from the episode in question–at the end of this post.

Sorority Noise are sure to be on everyone’s best of 2015 list, so I don’t think you need me to sell you on them any further at this point. If you do, I suggest you click here, and then here, and then buy their recently released album from our pals at Topshelf Records. You won’t regret it.

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