Shy Technology’s “High Strung” Video Is A Guaranteed Smile-Inducer

I’ve gushed about it before, but allow me to reiterate: Shy Technology‘s most recent release—a five-track EP titled Where We Go From Here—is one of those albums you might not catch in time to add to your ‘Best Of’ list come year’s end. If you don’t catch it now, you might discover it next year, and you’ll start kicking yourself for having missed it—having missed the opportunity to have had it playing on an endless loop leading all the way up to this painfully late discovery. It happens, a lot, but I’m trying to save you from that awful feeling, so just dig in. Thank me later.

Recently, the band released a Max Flick-directed video for their single, “High Strung,” taken from this praiseworthy EP. Simple in story and execution, the clip moves you with genuine joy; a scene filled with human kindness and connection; a much-needed reprieve—even if momentary—from the stresses of everyday life. It’s beautiful and it’s available to watch below, so do that, then, if you’re able, go give Shy Technology a measly five bucks in exchange for their incredible work. Surely you can sacrifice one venti pumpkin spice latte for a positive feeling that can last you the rest of your life.

Brian Leak
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