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The alternative music scene is brimming with talent, but Phoenix five-piece Goldengoat are in a league all their own. Energetic and unyielding, the group’s one-of-a-kind sound defies classification in the best possible way, melding elements of rock, emo and punk to create an emotionally-charged final product that is certain to leave listeners aching for more.

Shortly after falling in love with the outfit’s heinously under-publicized debut demo, we chatted with vocalist Chris Parsons and guitarist Brent Guiterrez, who told us all about their latest release, as well as their plans for the rest of 2016. Check out our conversation below, and if you’re a fan, keep in touch with the band on Facebook.

First and foremost, how did you guys come together and start making music?

Gutierrez: Parsons and I were playing in a black metal band called GREYS in early 2011. Parsons had some softer material he had been working on, so we started working out tracks. GREYS disbanded and we started Goldengoat. It started off as the two of us just jamming in Parsons’ bedroom and eventually started jamming with Matt (Van Gelder). The three of us wrote songs for a year before Chris (Ortega) and Kevin (Lorenc) landed with us. In 2015, we started to take the band past hanging and writing in a bedroom.

Was there a particular sound you were going for, or artists you were trying to emulate?

Gutierrez: We weren’t going for any specific sound. Our influences are endless because of our love for music and art in general. Expression is a huge influence. We listen to anything as long as it has soul. I’d say our style is direct from the heart. I’m sure that sounds cliche, but it’s the most honest answer.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of Goldengoat?

Parsons: I suppose by genre i’d say rock/indie/experimental, but in a deeper sense, I’d say it’s raw, untethered, “never sure what’s around the corner” type tunes.

While on the topic, how did you fellas land on the name Goldengoat? It’s pretty unique and memorable.

Parsons: Maybe sometime in the future we’ll figure that one out. For now, it’s just a name—people can take from it what they want. We just want people to hear the music, (preferably with headphones, to get trapped in the wave, ya know?)

Back in November, you guys released your debut demo. How has it been received thus far?

Parsons: The feedback is overwhelming for me personally; the response from the first release is nothing short of a beautiful accomplishment in a lot of unique ways for me. It has definitely warmed my soul when someone I don’t even know connects with me through very specific details on the Demo. I’ve gotten so many messages from people just wanting to dig deeper into the meanings of certain parts and it’s honestly so fucking cool.

Could you elaborate as to the writing and recording of your latest release? Where specifically did you draw inspiration from for the Summer Catalyst Demo?

Parsons: It’s comprised of a lot of time sitting in my room with a guitar and just putting down the feels, ya know? The songs are really just my feelings living vicariously through a compilation of chill sounds. I write each song (lyrically) for a fairly strange reason typically and it’s never really premeditated; it sort of just, happens. When recording, we put a lot of time into the tone of everything instrumental—most guitar tracks are done in full live takes (dialing in all the set pedal tones was a great deal of fun), and the drums are full live takes also, which is why we recorded with JJ Corirossi at Catalyst Studio. He’s the kinda raw dude we like. Unfortunately, my dad passed away during the recording of the vocals. I didn’t want something like that to slow down the process, so we pushed through and finished it up. It’s an utter dedication to him, and life itself really. The cover of the the Summer Catalyst Demo is an old photo of my dad, his brother, and their father who actually disappeared a short time after this photo was taken.

Do you guys have a favorite track off the Summer Catalyst Demo?

Parsons: What’s yours?

Gutierrez:”Hate (for the love of art)” is my current favorite because of the guitar tones we captured. If you listen to the demo from start to finish, it’s a crescendo.

To coincide with your newest batch of tracks, you guys also recently unveiled your first-ever music video. What was that experience like?

Parsons: Well that was incredible. A lot of help from some friends, especially Cory (YELLOWBOX FILMS) who handled the camera and did all the footwork on editing. I helped with a lot of placement and I came up with the concepts, but he really made the idea shine with his editing and mind. It’s really a beautiful process, beginning to end.

Gutierrez: It was awe-inspiring to say the least. Parsons wrote a screen play for the video and Cory captured the concept beautifully. So many of our friends came to support our passion and we couldn’t be more grateful.

What’re your guys’ plans for the future? Any new material in the works?

Parsons: We’re about to hit the studio to record a whole new EP in February (we’ll be releasing its title soon). This will actually be our main release; much more of a polished sound. Basically just raising the bar higher and higher. All of the songs are just about ready to start pre-production. We’re fucking pumped. Like really pumped. We’re really trying to take this project as far as it absolutely possibly can go in every aspect we can imagine.

Kyle Florence
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