UTG PREMIERE: Latch – “Famous Athletes” (Music Video)


This morning, we’re joining forces with Boston four-piece Latch to share their brand new live video for “Famous Athletes,” a contagious pop-rock jam taken from their debut EP of the same name. Clocking in at just over four minutes, the clip—recorded at The Bear’s Den in Attleboro, Massachusetts—acts as a perfect introduction to the outfit’s airtight live show, and will almost certainly sit well with fans of Polar Bear Club and other accessible alt-rockers. Check it out below.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Steve Furtado shared:

“This song went through about four different versions before I even sent out a demo of it to the guys, with the main riff of the chorus being the only part that remained unchanged in the final version. Once I brought the song to the other guys in the band, things came together a lot more smoothly. The build-up and ending just sort of happened through collaborative effort. As for the lyrics, the song is mostly about accepting that you are not perfect. It is sort of saying that I am tired of pretending to impress anyone, and more importantly not running away from failure and ridicule. It’s definitely my personal favorite on our EP.”

If you dig Latch’s latest, you can snag a copy of Famous Athletes here via Bandcamp.

Kyle Florence
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