UTG PREMIERE: Vulture Whale – “Again And Again”

Vulture Whale

Today, we have the privilege of premiering “Again And Again,” a rollicking new single from fast-rising indie rockers Vulture Whale. Get in on the action below and share your thoughts with us in the replies.

In regards to their newest single, the band shared:

“‘Again And Again’ is about—the universe is expanding, the continents are drifting apart. It’s hard to hold things together in life. It’s hard getting things together, but it’s even more difficult keeping them together. People drift away and before you know it, you haven’t seen them in a decade and you really don’t know them anymore. You remember who they were, but you don’t know who they are, and maybe not even where they are. I suppose ‘Again And Again’ is a love song. It’s hard to pull off a love song. Maybe it’s not a love song. Maybe it’s a ‘come here, dammit!’ song.”

The Birmingham foursome’s latest undertaking is taken from their impending LP, Aluminium, which is slated to arrive on May 20 via Cornelius Chapel Records. If you’re a fan, physical and digital pre-orders are ongoing.

Kyle Florence
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