UTG PREMIERE: Raviner – “Scarlet”


Today, we’re elated to bring you “Scarlet,” the expansive debut single from Nashville alt-rock quartet Raviner. The track—a surefire favorite for fans of Versa and other like-minded acts—is taken from the band’s new, currently unnamed EP, which is set to arrive later this summer. Check it out after the break.

Speaking with UTG via email, the band shared:

“‘Scarlet’ is dark, dynamic, and revealing. The song, like the band, wears its emotions on its sleeves. The arrangement is very specific, which highlights the narrative nature of the record. It introduces this character of Scarlet who will be a very important part of what we have planned for the next year. The song brings to light the idea of keeping secrets until the day you die. When women are abused, it’s almost like you’re not allowed to tell. Rather than speaking up because you know that you’re worthy, we hold it in like a Scarlet Letter. In the book ‘The Scarlet Letter,’ she dies with this A on her grave. Having a burden or a secret and holding onto it for years and years, you become trapped with it. You might be ashamed to be yourself, you might be ashamed to admit who you truly are. I think that coldness, the emptiness, even hopelessness of this character Scarlet is captured within the guitar riffs and vocal melodies.”

Get more acquainted with Raviner here, and let us know if you’re a fan of their newest single in the replies.

Kyle Florence
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