SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

Artist: Katy Perry
Song: Part Of Me
Album: Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection
Label: Capitol

Yesterday, Katy Perry followed an underwhelming Grammy performance with the release of her latest single, “Part Of Me.” Considering the amount of effort Perry and her label have put into finding the golden sixth #1, the UTG staff eagerly tuned in to hear what the queen of “California Girls” had to offer. For anyone who missed the premiere, here is the lyric video for “Part Of Me.”

Perry is clearly trying as hard as possible to top the charts, but is “Part Of Me” good enough to go the distance? Here’s what our staff had to say:

“The most enjoyable part of “Part of Me” was the sixteen second commercial I had to sit through to get to the song. The lack of dynamics or a hook leaves the song bland and uninteresting.” -Ethan Merrick (Twitter)

“Even for a cookie-cutter, carbon-copy pop song, Part of Me is as generic as they come. The hooks are ignorable and the lyrics are trite. I have no idea what the label is thinking releasing this as a single, considering that it would have ended up on someone like Pink’s cutting room floor.” – Joshua Hammond (Twitter)

“This sounds like a generic club song, that will be remixed by tons of DJ’s just to fill their Top 40 playlist. The tempo remains the same for the entire song and her lyrics are anything but uplifting. Painful to listen to, honestly.” – Grant Trimboli (Twitter)

‎”I was a mere 30 seconds into this song before I mentally turned it off. The lyrics are rehashed from every pop song ever and the beat is more generic than the shampoo I get at Walmart. It’s Henry Rollin’s Birthday, listen to Black Flag.” – Tyler Osborne (Twitter)

“You can actually hear the Ones and Zeroes in her voice from the computers used to tweak it. When did Auto Tuning switch from being something you were afraid people would notice to the standard?” – Dane Sager (Twitter)

“My distaste for Perry’s marketing strategy and shameless publicity stunts is well recorded, but I admit I never hated Teenage Dream as an album. I approached “Part Of Me” hoping it would be yet another great single that simply did not fit, but what I heard was the exact kind of lazy pop music that infects every facet of our dumbed down culture today. The lyric video might as well have started with a few gerbils driving through a warzone in a Kia.” – James Shotwell (Twitter)

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    It took six people to write this. Credited writers: Katy Perry, Bonnie McKee, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Nicholas Strunk, Henry Walter; produced by Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke) and Max Martin.