MOVIE TRAILER: Katy Perry – Part Of Me 3D

The first official trailer for Katy Perry’s forthcoming 3D concert film has arrived online!

Giving fans their first glance at the behind-the-scenes life of America’s biggest non-singer/songwriter female pop star, Katy Perry – Part Of Me 3D looks to be your average theatrical concert event (only this one is in 3D). Fans will go nuts though, and that is what really matters. You can experience the trailer after the jump.

Katy Perry just released Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and will probably have at least one or two more songs out before this film drops over the Summer. Will you be seeking it out?

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    Whoops. That last post was an accident. Just meant that I’m looking forward to seeing this. Reminds me of the Beiber story with a twist. Bravo Katy for going for your dream. If you’d like to see 3D videos go to We can also convert your 2D videos/pictures into 3D.