Big B – American Underdog

americanunderdog_cover1Artist: Big B
Album: American Underdog
Genre: Rap-rock
Label: Suburban Noize Records

When James slid me the album American Underdog by Big B I was like, “who?” Research has it that Big B comes straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada and American Underdog is his fifth studio release.

I was most shocked by the vocal presence Big B carried himself with on the microphone. All of his songs show a full and unforced flow that seemed like a sigh of relief to my ears. It’s much better hearing a rapper spit with clear understanding instead of deciphering jumbled and rushed lyrics—obviously due to the fact that Big B has a style completely opposite of today’s modern urban rap fads. Big B’s highest quality is his delivery and tops most rappers I have ever heard.

Big B’s biggest weakness on American Underdog is the song selection of a few of his joints. I hate how record labels are in America…but they always want rappers to release that radio friendly/club friendly anthem track that ruins the vibe of the whole project. The track, “Hot Women,” is completely off topic with the flow of the album and makes me cringe that Big B had it as his lead off track. With such pure talent and lack of simple lyrics from Big B, a club track shouldn’t have even touched his album—I blame the MAN!

So what do I honestly think of the whole project? I thought a few things. First, obviously the talent is here. Big B and the studio are a perfect combination. Second, Big B fits very well in the rap-rock genre. Most topics touched were flawless and he rode the beat well over the rock and country influenced rap beats. Last, I thought Big B is the type of rapper that a certain region would enjoy. I bet he won’t sell many records in New York City…but out west and down south would gobble this stuff up! If I had to describe Big B to anyone that has never heard him I would tell you that his style is a mesh of Bubba Sparxxx’s beat selection meets Hush’s flow and vocal presence meets Ill Bill’s lyrics.

Despite my previous ignorance towards the whole rap-rock scene and that there are ACTUALLY rappers in Las Vegas, American Underdog was a good listen. Pick it up if you are heavy into country-influenced hip-hop or at least go to iTunes and listen to a thirty second sample of his stuff to get an honest opinion for yourself.

*Written By: Brandon Folsom*
Score: 7/10

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