Masta Killa headed to court

It looks like my favorite Wu-Tang Clan member of all time is going to be headed to court. Masta Killa, the ninth member from the group Wu-Tang Clan, has been accused of doing wrong in the music industry.

Another rapper making stupid mistakes…all this just makes me hate rappers even more. Peep itL

An Edmonton music promoter is suing a New York rapper and his American handlers for $50,000 after alleging the veteran hip-hop star failed to show up for three scheduled concerts in Alberta and one in Toronto.

In a May 15 statement of claim, Jason Campbell of Rebellion Urban Media Relations alleges he had entered into a contract to have Masta Killa perform concerts in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Toronto in May 2007.

Campbell claims the contract with either DAH Inc., Nature Sounds Entertainment Inc. or Devin Horwitz called for Masta Killa to perform the Canadian tour for a $10,000 fee and all travel and accommodation costs.

Campbell alleges he paid half of the $10,000 US fee up front and also paid for the travel arrangements out of his own pocket, but says Masta Killa, 39, failed to travel to Canada or perform in any of the four scheduled concerts.

As a result of the breach of contract, Campbell claims he suffered harm, damage and financial loss, including the loss of profits, the cost of the unreturned deposit, the cost of travel arrangements, the cost of hiring a replacement performer and the cost of refunding concert tickets.

Masta Killa, whose real name is Elgin Turner, is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

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