Cee-Lo to host talk show on Fuse

Many might  know Cee-Lo Green from his crazy popular new tell-off single, “Fuck You,”  but this multi-dimensional crooner has been on the music scene for over a decade. As a member of both hip-hop duo Goodie Mob and chart-topping alternative-funk pop outift Gnarls Barkley—not to mention amassing a laundry list of guest spots—we’d have to imagine the Atlanta singer has racked up quite the music-biz Rolodex. So perhaps it’s only fitting then that Green is joining the talk-show circuit.

Cee-Lo will be hosting his own music-themed talk show, “Lay It Down,” on FUSE. The show kicks off at 11 p.m tonight where Green’s first guest will be fellow ATL music mainstay, Ludacris. While only a few of Green’s future guests have been announced, on first glance it seems as if Green will be starting  off with mostly fellow Southern artists (T-Pain and Lil Jon).

We’re thinking Green’s jovial attitude will be perfect to facilitate the laid-back small talk that is absolutely necessary for a successful talk show. And hey, if nothing else, it’ll be a thrill to see a show hosted by someone with a penchant for wearing terry cloth slippers.


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