Single Review/Stream: Big Sean – “My Last”

Artist: Big Sean featuring Chris Brown
Song: My Last

From the looks of it, 2011 may be the year that underground sensations sell out. Other than MOD SUN (who has stayed independent), it seems every hip hop artist that stepped up to the majors in 2010 is trying to cash in rather than build a career. The latest of these letdowns comes from Big Sean, whose new single, “My Last,” might as well be dead on arrival.

Debut singles can be tricky. You may want to appeal to your developed fan base, but labels want you to pull in as many new listeners as possible and herein lies the issue with “My Last.” While fans of radio/top 40 hip hop will likely flock to the track’s catchy hook and friendly beat, those who’ve witnessed Sean’s capabilities on tracks like Kanye’s “Good Friday” won’t be able to get over just how run of the mill it all is. Sure, he flows well and even has some great one-liners (a line about girls reaching into his pants and feeling Sean John will leave many in stitches), but it’s surrounded by a dime a dozen radio beat and a guest appearance from Chris Brown that delivers a par-for-the-course hook you won’t bother to remember.

Maybe we’re too hard on developing hip hop acts here, but someone has to speak up and say radio play isn’t everything! If you’ve built a name for yourself on the underground, worked with the biggest names in hip hop, and still haven’t released a label album then YOU HAVE IT MADE. Don’t cash in for a few quick bucks or to please the suits, do something meaningful with your music! Big Sean has proven again and again his capabilities of stealing the mic, even when surrounded by legends, but “My Last” makes us wish he’d step out the spotlight for the better part of forever.

Go back to the booth and please, try harder next time. Your fans deserve better than this.

Score: 3/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

Is James right? Have all the underground sensations started selling out? Listen to “My Last” below and let us know your thoughts!

Big Sean- “My Last” (Feat Chris Brown) by underthe_gun

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