RUMOR: Craig Owens Back in Chiodos, New Isles & Glaciers Being Discussed

Craig Owens

Things have been relatively quiet around the D.R.U.G.S. camp. Other than a strange hodge-podge tour with Hit The Lights, Sparks the Rescue, and Like Moths to Flames last winter which was followed by their current stint in Europe, the band hasn’t been producing the blog buzz like they did only a year before. Last year, Craig Owens mentioned recording a new D.R.U.G.S. record in the spring. Last week, Craig took to twitter to ask his fans what he should record next. He did mention that it would not be an Isles & Glaciers record. So what is it that he has planned?

Well fans, we’ve been hearing some interesting buzz on several Craig Owens related topics. First of all, we’ll touch on the big doozy that brought you here. We’ve heard word from a trustworthy source close to the situation that Craig Owens is in the process of rejoining Chiodos. Owens fronted Chiodos from their formation (2001) until his departure in 2009. His return would, of course, mean the departure of current Chiodos’ vocalist Brandon Bolmer.

The departure of Bolmer may come as a shock to some, but looking at the facts may tell a different story. Despite putting out a killer record with Bolmer, Chiodos never found the critical (or fan-driven) attention they were able to achieve with Owens.  D.R.U.G.S. (with members of Matchbook Romance, Underminded, and From First to Last selected by Craig), on the other hand, was a great success right off the bat. They nearly sold out their first headlining tour BEFORE even selling a single record was an unexpected feat for such a newly formed band. The talent culminating in that group from the start showed major promise for a lengthy career.

D.R.U.G.S. saw their brightest days in 2011, selling big on the iTunes rock charts and proving themselves as show-stopping performers on the Vans Warped Tour. The past several months however, and just before their last tour, the band lost their bassist Adam Russell to his former band, Story of the Year. The question has since remained, “will D.R.U.G.S. stay relevant?” Speaking honestly, I’m not sure another D.R.U.G.S. record would really impact the scene like it did the first time around. What I do think would be a major seller is a Chiodos record with Owens back in the saddle and/or a follow-up to Isle’s and Glaciers The Hearts of Lonely People.

We have some buzz on that as well.

In an interview with absolutepunk’s Jake Denning, Jake asked Owens if another I&G record was even an option. Craig replied as follows:

“I’m not really sure, there’s been murmurs though between all of us involved. Unfortunately Jonny isn’t in a good place to do that… Would it just be Vic and I? No, we would throw someone else into the equation probably.”

When asked if anyone was in mind for the position left by Jonny Craig, Owens said:

“No; you know, we’ve tossed the idea around to see if we could put it back together, but that was just to see if we could do anything…there’s no set plans right now.”

From what we’ve heard, Tyler Carter (ex Woe, Is Me) has been asked to fill the position. A staff favorite, we think Carter would make a worthy replacement for the troubled, yet undeniably talented, singer that is Jonny Craig.

There have been no confirmations on this, or of Craig rejoining Chiodos as of yet. We have reached out to multiple sources for comment and confirmation, but are still awaiting response. Stay tuned for more details here on Under The Gun Review.

Jacob Tender

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  • Gravalinaisacat

    Well, this is stupid and not true all.

  • Gravalinaisacat

    at all*. 

  • Poop

    Dear god this is shitty journalism. Where is the proof?

  • On what grounds do you base your claim?

  • Take note reader, the title says RUMOR. Ergo, the proof is non existant. However, if you pay attention, everything has been falling into place. (tanner/brandon leaving chiodos). Say what you will, you’ll have your proof soon.

  • Xoxamyyyy

    My proof is that Matt from D.R.U.G.S. keeps making jokes about the whole thing. He just tweeted “my baby shower will be at the Chiodos/Underminded reunion show in Bejing next month. NBD ??” I really, really doubt Craig is leaving D.R.U.G.S.

  • If that’s “proof”, then my cited sources in the blue font above are “proof.” You’re ridiculous.

  • Amy

    Many more joke tweets like that from the rest of the guys in D.R.U.G.S. too. If they’re all taking this as a joke, then so should everyone else. Craig won’t go back to Chiodos. D.R.U.G.S. isn’t going anywhere.

  • Citiesofrefuge

    Really more joke tweets? I only see one and honestly it means nothing. lol

  • Amy

    Yes, more joke tweets. Tai’s was actually my favorite. ”
    #BACKTOSQUAREONEWORLDTOUR2012 Chiodos, Underminded, From First To Last, Matchbook Romance, Four Letter Lie.” I don’t think it means nothing. They definitely wouldn’t be joking about it unless it was a rumor.

  • Citiesofrefuge

    Well Drugs is taking a break after this tour. Bad blood between the bands is cleared and Craig said he’s working on a lot of albums one of which would make his hardcore fans happy. I don’t think it’s too far off. But we’ll see :)

  • Citiesofrefuge

    Craig wouldn’t have to leave DRUGS to be in Chiodos.

  • This guy

    … I just want another Isles and Glaciers album…

  • Bobber

    Am I the only person why wants Cinematic Sunrise more?

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    so much for stupid and not true at all huh?

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     >.<  i really didn't want to believe it

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    watch the two videos on this site . you will cry , im a chiodos fan , i cried .