BREAKING: Lamb Of God Vocalist Arrested for Manslaughter


A show at the Rock Café featuring metal bands Lamb of God, All Shall Perish, and Skeletonwitch has been canceled this evening following the arrest of Randy Blythe, the lead vocalist of Lamb of God.

Although the translation is quite rough, this Czech news site is reporting that Blythe was arrested following an altercation that took place at a show at the Abaton club in Prague, Czech Republic back in 2010. At that show, a fan made his way onstage and thus began a physical altercation between that fan and the Lamb Of God frontman. The fan later died as a result of his injuries.

The venue’s website has officially canceled the show without any detail as to the cause of the cancellation. We’ll be following the story for more details.

Jacob Tender

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  • no clue what happened but the fact that the fan jumped up onto the stage where he wasn’t suppose to be should be enough that it was HIS OWN STUPID FAULT

  • I agree with Greg here. You wouldn’t jump into a bull-ring and try to begin “a physical altercation” with the bull-rider for whatever reason, and even though it isn’t exactly the same level of danger, the fact of the matter is he put himself in danger by doing that. Not only that, but after the incident with Dimebag, i’d suspect frontmen in general to be more suspicious and careful of people that jump on stage; especially those that “began a physical altercation”. I’m surprised the bouncer didn’t hurt him first.

  • SomeGuy

    It’s not manslaughter, it’s self defense. If you pick a fight, either finish it, or let someone else finish it for you.

  • Same thing that happens in wrestling, fan gets in the ring he gets what he’s got coming, wrestlers hopes the rail, he gets it to

  • Guest000

    So none of you were there, right?

  • Lunamala13

    I agree with a lot of other people here. Randy is a beloved Richmond-er (RVA!) and a hell of a nice guy. He should NOT be in trouble for defending himself on stage.

  • I’ve known Randy for 20 years and never once have I seen him provoke someone into a fight. I just don’t believe it.

  • Ohballzy1

    Let’s all face facts people, the world of metal has changed. Dime and a few others died onstage because of a deranged fan in the crowd that got onstage with a gun and let’s face facts that a lot of other countries don’t really enforce or supply security for music shows. I am from Richmond and support Lamb of God, and I can see what he might have thought. After Dime died the scene changed and was overly TSAish in the States,but now I go to shows and Security rarely wand anyone or even check people. His lawyer needs to plead not guilty due to self defense.

  • rational human being

    some dumb motherfuckers posting on here. if your idea of finishing a fight is beating someone so badly that they DIE, you deserve to go to prison. plain and simple.

  • Mike Robbins

    To quote another poster “According to the rule of honor Randy Blythe is forgiven.”

  • Brianhafemeister

    I totally agree with you I live in Richmond have for the past 18 yrs. Ive met Randy a number of times and he is a great guy, he was prolly defending himself. Where in the Hell was security when this happen?

  • sooo… manslaughter is the new word for self defense in Prague ???. WTF ??????

  • Brianhafemeister

    This is totally absurd, I dont believe Randy wouldve done this purposely. He is a great guy and was only defending himself. I’m sure all you metal heads remember clearly wat happen to Dimebag! Where in the Fuck were the security guards at on each occasion! This is totally unfair and I wish Randy and the Lamb of God family the best with such a terrible situation. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Thrashmetalninja

    I don’t care who you are famous just mean a lot of people no your name and what you look like. Neither of thees things give you the right to get away with somthing you should be punished for. I am a huge lamb of god fan but the fact of the matter is if I or anybody else would have done this there wouldn’t even be this conversatio. Defending yourself is controlling the situation untill you are no longer threatened that doesn’t mean beat sombody to the point that they fucking die because of the injurys that sombody “no better then anybody else” has applied. I just hate when dumb people think because they like somones music he shoudnt get the same treatment as the next guy.

  • KevrossTattoos

    Allz i got to say is Omerta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such As A Rule Of Honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • log

    This story is very vague in details. If the incident occurred in 2010, did the fan recently die? Was he in a coma? Why didn’t he press charges right after it happened?

  •  Rational human being uh?? Let’s see you reacting rationally when attacked suddenly. We dont even know all the facts in here, if the hit that caused the man to die was accidental or not, and even if it wasnt he was asking for it. You cant expect to mess with the bull and not get the horns. You cant have much regard for one life that in the first place didnt think about placing more than one life at risk including himself. I practice self defense and if Im attacked and in the process I gauge an eye out or I punch his/her throat or something, Im not responsible for what happens to someone who violated my safety perimeter.

  •  Totally agree. Dumb brawlers nowadays dont go around picking fights by themselves, they usually bring friends or weapons so, not disabling an attacker could mean your own demise.

  • Zeppelinsky


  • Robert Ellis6252

    So the FAN runs on STAGE and ATTACKS the singer and he defends himself ?? One question…. where is SECURITY??   How is it that Randy’s fault at all?? Please what is the world coming too??

  • Bunga

    According to some reports, the dead fan was a female. Let’s wait for his attorneys to make the charges public and see the details.

  • Bunga

     She was taken to hospital immediately after the concert and died within a week. The police probably did not issue international warrant because they knew they would never see him back to EU.

  • Bunga

     In Abaton club, there is no barrier between the fans and the podium, which is just a bit higher than the floor. Blythe supposedly hit the fan into head with microphone pole the second he/she got to the stage, the fan was immediately taken to hospital and died within a week. According to 2 years old commentaries regarding the same concert on a Czech fansite, he was suffocating two other fans who got to the stage in different moments up until the security took them away, one of the fans supposedly loosed conscience.

  • Lee

    ….and I have seen quite the opposite, the guy is a cock!

  • Hunter

    Hey people. I’m from Prague and a huge fan of Lamb of God and I was pissed off when I hear they won’t play.

    But to be honest I wasn’t at the show 2 years ago and I doubt that some of you were there.

    So let’s wait and hope that it’ll show that Randy is innocent. I hate stagedivers but many bands welcome them on the stage. Like during yesterdays show of All shall perish

    In my opinion Security should have to deal with that fan on the stage, not Randy.

    But I have to say that NONE of us really know what actualyl happened there 2 years ago. So I whould wait with this “self defence” or “manslaughter” thing.

  • Hunter

    Noone said that the fan attackt the singer. You can read that the fan jumped on the stage and Randy was pissed off already by these people. What really happened know only people who were there … I wasn’t there so I don’t know … you were there?

  • Hunter

    Have you been there? no? so shut the fuck up and let’s wait what they’ll find out. I’m a fan of Lamb of God but I hate people who scream busllhit even though they have no information.

  • Texas

    This is all crap really 2 years later. They waited 2 years for him to come back that is odd because if they could prove it they could go to the U.S. Government with proof of the crime and get him sent there to stand trial. They have no way to prove it, so they just waited for him to come back. The real deal is if it was self-defense let him go but if he did it just because he could, he should be punished.

  • Jamiasbury

    Look what happened to Dimebag and the other guys at the Allarosa when a lunatic got up on stage… You never know what someone’s intentions are. I hope Randy doesn’t end up in prison for defending himself.

  • Dan Del Rossi

    he pushed the guy off the stage and he hit his head bad enough that he later died, there was no real fight.

  • Guest

    why would Lamp of God go back to the Czech Republic?

  • Lmvh0900353040

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  •  This is why the story sounds like bullshit. The US and the Czech Republic have an extradition treaty and Manslaughter IS covered within that treaty. All they had to do was request extradition.



  • Devin_ellsworth

    he didnt beat him he pushed him off the stage in self defense, he hit his head and slipped into a coma then he died.

  • Devin_ellsworth


  • I love Randy <3