EXCLUSIVE: Ronnie Radke Charged With Corporal Injury To Spouse & False Imprisonment, Trial By Jury Set To Begin August 27


Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke was in a Los Angeles County courtroom earlier this week to begin his pre-trial hearing stemming from an arrest early last week over an outstanding warrant.

Ronnie did not show up in court for his most recent hearing, but his lawyer, Michelle S. Michaels, did. According to the media relations team at the LA Superior Courts, Ronnie has been charged with “Corporal Injury To Spouse” and “False Imprisonment,” both of which he will stand trial for by jury beginning August 27.

I cannot stress enough that details are still pouring in and that some of the above information may change. We double checked all the above details with multiple employees of the LA court system and will update our information as new details are received.

James Shotwell

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  • <3Ronnie<3

    I agree! I really couldnt see him doing this, but people cant focus on the negative, he’s an inspiration to millions. Some of these “fans” that now arent because of (in my opinion) a lie, need to…xD No but seriously, let us Raddicts stick by Ronnie<3

  • ItsMEtrollolol

    Due process of law. Its a basic right we all have. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, famous or not. Also, did anyone research each individual charge in the law books of California? I can’t say I read word for word but a lighter version. In this charge, it can go both ways of either a felony or a misdemeanor. Also, what needs to be brought into the story is, what type of abuse is she accusing? It can be such like beating and very violent dangerous stuff, but a simple push can count too. In fact, any “unwanted” physical touch can count as abuse. I am not lessening the gross facts of domestic violence but really, an overly sensitive person can call a playful punch in the arm illegal. Lets let what the courts are for do what they need to do. No need to hate now, or in fact, at all. Love one another! :) <3

  • LOL

    And why is it you care so much? If he wasn’t famous then you wouldn’t care, no?

  • musix

    i PRAY he cant go on tour with Letlive and Shikari. that tour looks so great….until you see ISS and FIR.

  • FallingInTrinity

    Im going to stick with innocent until proven gulity statement until there is actual proof he did it instead of this he said she said crap.

  • Because I know about the situation. I don’t give a rats ass about Ronnie Radke. I don’t listen to his music. I don’t follow his life beyond what I write on this site. I care because a girl was harmed by a shitty guy and I have a platform to help her out. That’s why.

  • Jacob, you are just the best.