Glendale Police Talk About Ronnie Radke’s Arrest


In a video report made by Artisan News yesterday, a statement of sorts was made by Glendale Police regarding the alleged domestic dispute involving Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse and his girlfriend, Sally Watts, an employee of Epitaph Records.

We know so far that the once Escape the Fate frontman was arrested monday by Glendale Police and booked by the Los Angeles Police department. He was held for a day before being released on bond.

The vocalist was quick to dispel rumor on his Twitter the other night, but we have to question what is there really to dispel? The fact remains that Radke was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor charges. A $30,000 bond was posted and the musician was released. He is due in court next Tuesday, August 14.

Innocent until proven guilty, they say, but his record is against him and assault is no small matter. Even fans are encouraged to think twice before defending the man with such little information to go on.

Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz of Glendale P.D. spoke over the phone with Artisan News about the incident. You can find his statement in the video below and as always, we’ll keep you covered.


Jacob Tender

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  • caleb

    dont take him to jail he is a good persone making bad disions.

  • shmate

    how many chances can one person get? seriously, this dude is a screw up and now he’s showing that that’s clearly never going to change

  • Meagan

    Ill believe it when I see it. What sort of “evidence”? The word of a psycho? Ronnie wouldnt hurt a girl. People these days -.-

  • You are aware that his girlfriend is an Epitaph Records employee, right? These aren’t false allegations. If they were, she’d be fired on the spot for defaming one of her company’s assets. This isn’t a false accusation. It happened.

    All that’s left now is the trial next Tuesday.

  • I’m not sure how well versed you are in United States law, but I’m pretty sure bad decisions like Assault are punishable by law and decided by a court judge and jury. It’s great that you like his music, but if the guy is going to commit crimes, he has to pay all the same.

  • Raven

    get over yourself ronnie would never do this.

  • Panda

    This is crazy, i would like to see evidence. Reporters are supposed to present facts not just their crap opinions and bias news -.-. Yes he has made mistakes but still i think we shouldn’t rush to assumptions. People are already calling him guilty, this is the united states, you cant do that until its proven.

  • utgjames

    You seem to be living under the assumption that this ‘Merica you describe still exists. Have you turned on the actual news or read a newspaper recently? The idea of innocent until proven guilty was developed at a point in our nation’s history when the population and limits of technology made such things necessary. Now we have forensics, along with a slew of other tools, and they all but eliminate this concept from existence. America has turned from innocent until proven guilty, to guilty until proven innocent.
    Further, this is assault and rarely can such accusations be tried under the same circumstances as cases where somewhere is innocent until proven guilty. This is a case of one (perhaps multiple) events happening between two emotionally involved parties. This is not a case as much as it is a battle of she said/he said.
    Sent from my personal Skynet.

  • Get over YOURSELF, fangirl. The fact stands that he has done this in the past. Think what you want and I’ll return to this thread on Tuesday.

  • A7Xfan

    Dont take him. Evidence needs to be presented before he can be arrested. Maybe his girlfriend was lying.

  • Simon

    Are you people blind? Ronnie was arrested for second degree murder in 2008. Why are you people saying “Ronnie would never hurt anyone!” when he did? Seriously. I hate Ronnie so much. I don’t understand why people like him. Half his lyrics are about sex and drugs, and the other half are trash talking Escape The Fate. Defend him all you want. I see no good in him.

  • Mariah

    He didn’t murder anyone moron he went to prison for parol violation. The guy who actually killed micheal cook didn’t even go to prison for it. And further more I’m not saying he’s innocent but woman can lie about abusive boyfriends and husbands just to get back at them.

  • noooooo

    Ronnie radke had gfs in the past and never hurt them. Ronnie love their gfs like it was nothing.

  • Simon

    your name is simon, shut up

  • Bree

    OrYou sir, are not fully informed on what you are talking about. 1. Ronnie was there, his FRIEND pulled the triiger that killed cook. 2. Ronnie was charged with BATTERY and was NOT sent to untion until he missed one of his P.O check ins. Then was sentences to 5 years in jail and was let out on GOOD bwhavior at 2 years. Before you open your mouth how about you do some more research than the first uon wikipedia. I hate people like you. It’s on wikipedia man! It must be true! Smh.

  • you obviously havnt heard his song the day i left the womb, and he didnt kill anyone his friend did he got in trouble because he violated his parole i honestly think you have no idea what your talking about.

  • Jay

    she probably made it up

  • “Ronnie love their gfs?” What happened to literacy?

  • Who said he did?

  • Maybe she wasn’t… o.O

  • Stuff

    Any updates on the trial or whatever? I wanna know whether or not Ronnie’s guilty *I support neither side, if you think I’m gonna take the obsessive fanboy side ._.*

  • If you would bother listening to his songs and pay attention to them he is not trash talking them in all his songs like 1 or 2. No half of is lyrics are not about sex and drugs. Most of them are about how he came back after he was gone. Yea some are about sex so what most music today is about sex.

  • He was arrested in ’06 for assualt, not murder. I just read what happened when I saw the article about his arrest on the 6th.

  • fir.

    i doubt he did this! hes an amazing person. he talked about how bad prison was and the addiction he had with drugs and how he never wants to go back to prison ever again. it doesn’t make sense that he would do something to put himself back in there. i love him so much , not for his looks or anything else but for how much he changed his life around when he got out of prison. he will always be my idol no matter what. and where the hell is the evidence? and even if it did happen why the fuck is it brought up 4 months later? fuck them , and no he didn’t get arrested for murder , learn your shit before you say something like that.

  • Whatever

    You made this shit up! What the hell is wrong with you? How could he be arrested on monday and spent the day in prison when they had a concert on monday? Seriosusly you are fucked up dude, and fyi you are the only one who is writting about this, nobody else has even mention anything, not ever Ronnie on his Twitter -.- so go to hell

  • Whatever

    You made this shit up! What the hell is wrong with you? How could he be
    arrested on monday and spent the day in prison when they had a concert
    on monday? Seriosusly you are fucked up dude, and fyi you are the only
    one who is writting about this, nobody else has even mention anything,
    not ever Ronnie on his Twitter -.- so go to hell

  • AlyB

    think about this, ronnies girlfriend is an employee of epitaph records…what if she was making it up because there has been hot water with ronnie hating escape the fate now, and they both share the same record company. what better way to eliminate the competition and eyesore then to play on ronnies weak point? his past could be a setup by escape the fate, or some other people who need to stop the bitterness between the two groups.

  • ExiledTroll

    I guarantee this is all Craig Mabbitts fault. Considering Falling in Reverse and Escape The Fate are signed to the same label and Ronnies girlfriend also works at that label. Craig probably paid her off or something to get Ronnie out of the picture again.

  • Radke Army Sean

    That stupid bitch just wants attention! Radke is a hero and a role model! They don’t have enough evidence, he has been busy with warped tour. I know he just got done but the “facts” don’t add up.

  • Jackson

    Good theory. But escape the fate is signed to eleven seven music now.

  • escape the fate isn’t even on epitaph anymore. they haven’t been on that label for a few years now.

  • How do you possibly know what sorts of evidence they have? Do you know more than anyone else here? If you do, I’d expect you’d know that “stupid bitch” works for a record company who’s biggest cash cow is Ronnie Radke.

    Get a clue.

  • lawl

  • jj1010

    i’m guessing most didn’t listen to the policeman talking.. he said their Department’s Assaults Unit “collected EVIDENCE, they interviewed WITNESSES”.. enough to obtain a WARRANT for his arrest

  • I urge you to call the offices of Glendale Police. His booking and court dates are public information.

    Search for Ronald Radke, enter a captcha, click the report number, then another captcha. Presto.

  • samehhannmarie

    Oh, my god. Ronnie is not a “good” person. Nor should be a told model. He is an ass, money hungry, a cheater, home wreaker, douche, and is very well known fo. Having anger issues. He did this. We all say it coming

  • Emily

    Lol he isn’t Escape The Fates frontman! He is Falling In Reverse’s frontman! Fck you!