Austin Carlile Has Beef With Shayley Bourget, Nobody is Sure Why

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In a recent interview with Absolutepunk’s Jake Denning, Austin Carlile shocked fans by revealing some contempt with his band’s former clean vocalist, Shayley Bourget.

In an unexpected response to one of the interviewer’s questions, the Of Mice & Men frontman made it perfectly clear that there are issues with their parted member. This comes as a surprise because when the split first occurred, the band came together to make Shayley’s departure announcement. In that video, all was cool. It was an amicable split. Everything was explained, or so we thought.

Here is the section of the interview that has been rustling tail feathers and grinding gears. Can you explain “The Depths” a bit more? When you guys released it, people came up with their own ideas of what it was about, whether it was written about Shayley or not, etc. 

Austin Carlile: No, I won’t ever waste a single nerve ending on Shayley, will never write a single song about him, will never care — he is irrelevant to this band, and irrelevant to our lives.

Pretty vicious right? That’s what Shayley thought. He seems to be as blindsided as his fans. Here are a few tweets from those involved.

[Austin’s tweets mirror]

It’s obvious that Austin is evading something, while at the same time trying to pin the blame on Jake Denning. In his defense, Denning posted audio to make it perfectly clear that he transcribed the interview accurately.

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That sounds pretty clear to me. What do you think? What’s the beef? I’ve included the original departure video featuring both Shayley and Austin below.


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  • Austin justs like to be the center of attention. “Hey guys people are focusing on our crappy music and not drama. Lets start some so they wont realize how played out and overused everything is in our songs.”

  • Kelsy

    Austin is a fake cunt