Writer Of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ And ‘Toy Story 3’ To Write New ‘Star Wars’

luke skywalker

On October 30, we told you of the plans of Disney’s to make a new Star Wars film by 2015. We now have the first of details to share: Michael Arndt is slated to write the script, having already pitched a treatment to the people in charge. If the plot follows the treatment, the next movie would continue the Skywalker story, with new characters involved.

Carrie Fisher has already said she’d be interested in an appearance. Mark Hammill also made some comments which can be read here; given that the story is about Skywalker, it seems he’d be getting a role, too. I think Michael Arndt is a great writer, but I’m still not sold on more Star Wars.

What are your thoughts? Is this money making gone too far, or is there more story that needs to be told? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Dan Bogosian

I finished school with a music theory degree. Before I finished school, I was a janitor. You really should apologize to all the janitors you've ever had. You hurt them. Seriously. You did.

But, now that we've cleared that up and you called your high school janitor, know that I quit being a janitor to pursue writing about music. So here I am, and here you are, and hey how are you?
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  • He also wrote Toy Story 3, the upcoming Hunger Games film, and the upcoming movie Oblivion. I think he could do it. Toy Story stayed true, I don’t see why Star Wars could be much different.

  • Grace

    Also important to note that Arndt is a Star Wars fanatic who has given lectures on the screenplays of the original trilogy and why the ending is so “creatively satisfying.” It’s in good hands. I have faith.