LYRIC VIDEO: Skylar Grey – “C’mon Let Me Ride (Feat. Eminem)”


Shady, Shady, Shady… What have you done now?

You were doing so well. Recovery was great, your song with Fiddy and Adam “I hate the Roxy” Levine is going over well (with a video to boot), and people seem to give a shit about you again. With all of this good coming to you, why do this? This terrible, terrible thing.

Executive producing a rising and attractive pop star is one thing, but c’mon now Rabbit.

This is Skylar Grey’s new single “C’Mon Let Me Ride.” It’s Rebecca Black level ridiculous. Marshall Mathers lends his voice to the track with a silly verse and a cringe-worthy cover sample of Queen’s “Bicycle Race” in the way of Pee Wee Herman.

All that can be said in favor of the lyric video below is a creative display of kinetic typography. Are you sure you’re ready to begin? If so, press START or click Read More.


Jacob Tender

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  • Rakin Khan

    Seriously? The song was a SATIRE. Look up what she said about it it’s purposely distasteful to mock the over-sexualization in the industry.