Report: Daft Punk To Sign To Sony, Release Album In 2013

daft punk

Electronic music lovers, the wait is finally over.

French daily newspaper Le Parisien is reporting that Daft Punk, the quasi-mysterious electronic duo, is on the cusp of signing with Sony ahead of the release of their fourth album some time later this year. The pair had previously been signed to EMI, the label through which their first three albums had been released. 

Now, there are a few caveats with this. Neither the group nor Sony has put out a statement relating to this story. Also, the post detailing Daft Punk’s return to activity was written in French, so there may be some details that have been lost in translation. It’s not entirely clear where the music blogger in question got his information, though the source – the second biggest daily newspaper in Paris – sounds pretty reputable.

That said, we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been tracking this story for a while now, scooping up every morsel of information that we could find. We were a bit bummed that the group didn’t appear on the lineup for Coachella (or Ultra for that matter) but maybe this means we’ll get a tour out of Daft Punk this year. Provided, of course, they actually put out an album this year.

Whatever. It’s time to celebrate.

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