Max Bemis Promises Another Two Tongues Album Some Time “Within The Next Couple Years”

two tongues

Max Bemis, principal singer and songwriter for literate, heart-rending pop punk act Say Anything, stated on Twitter today that he’s not done with his long dormant Two Tongues project.

A supergroup originally consisting of Bemis, fellow Say Anything member Coby Linder, Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley, and ex-Saves The Day guitarist David Soloway, Two Tongues only put out one self-titled album way, way back in 2009.

But just because we haven’t heard anything from the group in a couple years doesn’t mean that we should count on them not coming back, according to the tweet from Bemis below. 

But man, it’s been a really long time since we heard from these guys. A lot has changed over the years; did Bemis even have a Twitter back them? Two Tongues was one of the last bands that I learned anything relevant about through Myspace. Myspace!

Two Tongues also need to work out at least two kinks in their lineup. Linder left Say Anything not too long ago and is busy being super vegan and athletic somewhere. As for Soloway, a quick google search didn’t turn up much past his departure from Saves The Day. Has anybody even seen him lately? Guys, I’m worried.

Not familiar with Two Tongues’ particular brand of anthemic, emotive rock? Check out “Crawl” below.

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