Kevin Devine Details Progress On Kickstarter-Funded Solo And Full Band Albums

kevin devine

Singer-songwriter Kevin Devine took to Facebook to update fans on his progress and plans for his upcoming solo and full band projects.

Devine notably secured the money for a solo effort, a full band release as Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band, and supporting tours for both albums through a wildly successful (and still ongoing) Kickstarter campaign.

“Progress on both records has been constant & encouraging,” said Devine.

I’ve written & demoed 11 songs toward the “solo” record with Rob [Schnapf] & 9 towards the “band” record with Jesse [Lacey], and I feel like it’s some of the most free & wide-ranging material I’ve written to date – I’m stretching, but it all feels very much like me, like us. I’m confident & feel I’m being pushed in challenging & productive ways out of some of traditional comfort zones, certain wheelhouse defaults, and I’m excited for people to hear what we’re working on & out. Plan is to record with Rob through March and early April in Los Angeles and with Jesse & The GDB in New York in mid-April through early May, with an eye on having the records out in the fall.

Exciting! Rob Schanpf is a long time collaborator of Devine’s, having produced 2006’s Put Your Ghost To Rest in addition to mixing various releases from the Brooklyn-based musician. Schnapf has also produced albums from Saves The Day, Beck, and Elliott Smith. Jesse Lacey is, of course, the frontman for Brand New. Hopefully, Lacey’s role in producing the full length for Devine’s Goddamn Band won’t have an impact on the alleged release of new music from Brand New some time this year.

Devine had previously mentioned that he intended to put out both albums during the fall of 2013 and would tour internationally through late 2013 and early 2014. When you consider the fact that he is about $8,000 shy of doubling his $50,000 goal, it doesn’t sound like that should be a problem.

Devine’s Kickstarter campaign “Making LP7 (KD w/ Rob Schnapf) & LP8 (KD+GDB w/ Jesse Lacey)”, will remain open to contributors for another 14 days. Check out Devine’s full statement over on his Facebook wall.

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