MUSIC VIDEO: Lil B – “Giving Up”

Lil B Giving Up

Lil B, indisputably the rawest and realest rapper alive or dead, now and in perpetuity*, dropped some next level visuals for his track “Giving Up”.

Alright, enough jokes. This is, objectively speaking, a good to great song and music video. It’s a conscious affair colored by the fact that this is still a based affair. We see Lil B, real name Brandon McCartney, standing by the highway holding a sign saying “I FEEL like giving up spare change? $ :)” and rapping lines like, “I was shopping Whole Foods/ But that shit ain’t cheap/ So I’m buying cheeseburgers four times a week”.

On the other hand, the beat is incredibly soulful (McCartney continues to prove on “Giving Up” that he has a great ear) and Lil B actually comes off as pretty serious and concerned about some common plights typical of urban living. Finally, a CONTROVERSIAL OPINION alert: Lil B is getting better as a rapper, and he raps pretty well on “Giving Up”.

Watch the visuals for “Giving Up” after the jump.

*Note: Not an editorialization but a statement of proven fact.

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